About Service reports WebMoney Report

WebMoney Report - an online tool for reporting on transactions with purses WebMoney. Reports reflect transactions with the specified purse and starting and ending balance for a specified period of time. More

What kind of reports are available for the formation of

Service reports WebMoney Report allows you to request several types of transaction statements:

  • Regular statements are generated automatically each day, week or month depending on the conditions specified.
  • One-time statements are generated only once at the request of the user (the following types are available: balance and transactions or simply balance).
  • Instant statements are received by the user immediately. Only transactions in the last three months will be included.

All statements contain a listing of incoming and outgoing transactions for the given purse.

What are the different ways to deliver reports

Service reports WebMoney Report allows you to create automatic delivery report by e-mail or through the service files.webmoney.com. In addition, you can order the delivery of the paper version of the report to your email address. Delivery of paper versions of the report in the mail is a paid service.

How to get reports on budget machine Capitaller

Service reports WebMoney Report allows you to create all kinds of reports on budget machine Capitaller. If there are budget machine, you want to select from a list of the requested budget machine and press select.

Rules for access to records of service WebMoney Report

According to paragraph 2.1 c) of the Agreement on Property Rights Transfer digital title characters, you may receive, upon request data about their own history of operations in the system for up to three days after your last surgery, but no later than 90 calendar days from the date of request. For continued access to the history of your transactions for a longer period you have to yourself regularly (at least once a month) to store data on your computer or removable media.